So here I am, the documentary’s producer. I get all the fun jobs; whether it’s restricting the group to a tight budget or pestering talent to sign release forms, I’m your man.



As digital producer, my job was to try and promote our documentary using different platforms. This is the first time I’ve done this role so I saw it as a bit of a challenge. I would say that Instagram is the platform we used the most, due to its simplicity and how quickly you can put content out there, so if you are reading this, go check it out. Overall, I enjoyed providing behind the scenes pictures and promotional content for our followers to see.




This isn't even work for me. I've grown up watching Robot Wars and have always wanted to have a go at building a robot myself. When the chance arose I took it with both hands, It's a dream come true! I've haven't got any presenting experience, but hopefully my enthusiasm for robot fighting will distract from all that (emphasis on hopefully). Editing is going to be a bit of a pain but hey, can't have it all your own way...



I’ve been a fan of Robot Wars since its introduction 15+ years ago, having the opportunity to work on this doc is brilliant and honestly how hard can it be to build a robot anyways? As camera operator, I feel I can bring a great mix of skills and expertise that I’ve collated over the past few years to properly capture the comedic yet informative style that many have come to love with Robot Wars. The documentary is going to require a lot of run and gun shooting whether being at the robotiers workshops or in various leisure centres, this means planning will be the key to success, as well as a healthy amount of coffee and energy drinks for the long days ahead. 


I have a keen interest in being a sound operator, and personally I think sound on this documentary will not be as easy as expected. I'm really not emotionally prepared for sound operator but I'm confident thanks to my previous experience. I have another difficult challenge with being the lighting technician due to the "rave" lights used during the show, to be honest I'm looking forward to the free drink I was promised. Hope you live up to that Tom.